Plan a Fundraiser

Three ways to fundraise
For those committed to raising funds for Hospice of Michigan, there are three ways to go about it:

  1. A group or individual can host an event or sponsor an activity and make Hospice of Michigan the beneficiary. For example, you can host a golf outing and give Hospice of Michigan a check for the net profits.
  2. Hospice of Michigan can “piggyback” on an existing event, adding a third-party fundraising element, and receive the income produced from that element. For example, a city has an annual marathon and the sponsor offers registrants the opportunity to get pledges for Hospice of Michigan.
  3. Invite Hospice of Michigan to cooperatively produce an event (by providing volunteers, promotional assistance, mailing) and share in the profits. For example, a local business invites Hospice of Michigan to participate in an art auction. Hospice of Michigan sends out press releases and provides volunteers to work at the event. In return, Hospice of Michigan receives a percentage of the proceeds from the event.

Register Your FUNdraising Event

FUNdraising ToolKit

Hospice of Michigan staff is always available to answer any questions and help wherever possible:
West Michigan:  Roxanne Kiesling | | 616-356-5288
Northeast Michigan:  Megan LaCross | | 248-320-0132
Northwest Michigan:  Michelle Gallagher | | 231-527-0927
Southeast Michigan:  Morgan Brouillet | | 248-387-6013

Get Going

It’s time to begin planning in earnest. Working with your assembled team:

  • Review the “Fundraising Guidelines” below.
  • Make a plan to obtain any permits, authorizations, or insurances needed for your fundraiser. Decide: Do you need a permit or special permission to hold your fundraiser or activity? Does the fundraiser venue require you to obtain liability insurance?
  • Make a plan to publicize your fundraiser. Decide:  Will one person be responsible for publicity, or will you have a subcommittee? Will you use social medial, such as Facebook and Twitter? Don’t forget to utilize local community fundraiser calendars available through most local news organizations and chamber of commerce, as well as the fundraiser calendar on the HOM website, and the HOM Facebook page.
  • Keep in touch with us!  Decide:  Would you like to have information about HOM available at your fundraiser? Depending on the size of your fundraiser and the amount you expect to raise, we may be able to provide brochures and other promotional items (please call us for more specific information).

Wrapping Up
Your fundraising activity was a great success, and it’s time to wrap up. Make sure you:

  • Forward funds to HOM as soon as possible after your fundraiser.
  • Thank everyone who helped make your fundraiser a success: organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and of course, donors!
  • Review your fundraiser. Was it fun? Did you meet your fundraising goal? Did you stay within budget?
  • Begin planning your next fundraiser!

Fundraising Guidelines

  1. Any fundraising activities must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Organizer agrees: (a) he or she will comply with all applicable laws during the planning, promotion, and conduct of the fundraiser; (b) all necessary insurance, licenses, and permits will be obtained and will be in force through the conclusion of the fundraiser; (c) the fundraiser will result in no cost or expense to HOM  whatsoever, unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary; and (d) will indemnify and hold HOM  harmless from any and all claims of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or in any way related to, the fundraiser.
  3. The fundraising activity/event will be conducted in the name of the authorized fundraiser and is the sole responsibility of the authorized fundraiser. HOM cannot assist in the solicitation of donations, organizing publicity, or obtaining required permits or licenses.
  4. HOM will do everything possible to provide a member of the staff to attend the event if the organizer makes the request early in the planning.
  5. Nothing in this document shall be construed to sanction the authorized fundraiser, or any of his or her employees or representatives, to act as an agent of HOM. Thus, for example, the authorized fundraiser may not open a bank account in HOM ’s name, nor may he or she endorse or attempt to negotiate any checks made payable to HOM, all of which must be forwarded promptly to HOM for processing.
  6. If the authorized fundraiser uses the HOM logo, he or she agrees the logo: (a) may not be altered in any way, nor may it be sub-licensed to any other person; (b) may only be used in accordance to supplied guidelines.
  7. If the authorized fundraiser wishes to utilize the HOM name or logo on any material or products, permission must be obtained from HOM. All printed material, including media releases, must be approved by the  before being printed or distributed.
  8. Any solicitations made in relation to your fundraising activity must specify that: (a) the HOM is the benefiting organization; (b) the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit HOM (i.e. portion of t-shirt sales); (c) any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount to be made to HOM.
  9. To avoid inadvertently jeopardizing existing relationships, the authorized fundraiser agrees to receive approval from HOM before soliciting corporations, businesses, celebrities, sports teams, or individuals for cash or in-kind donations related to the fundraising activity.
  10. HOM cannot pay expenses associated with the fundraiser; however, expenses may be deducted from the proceeds of the fundraising activity.
  11. HOM will issue receipts for approved fundraising activities.
  12. Net proceeds from your fundraiser must be submitted to HOM as soon as possible after your fundraiser. If this requires more than 30 days, please contact HOM to discuss alternate arrangements.

Fundraising ideas:

  • DIY Fundraising
  • Golf tournament
  • Dance
  • Auction
  • Car wash
  • Casual days
  • Craft Show or fair
  • Bingo
  • Brunch with speaker
  • Bike-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Bowl-a-thon, Workout-a-thon, Dance-a-thon