Hospice of Michigan Care Teams

When you have to make one of life’s most important decisions, Hospice of Michigan is there to help.  Our care teams work with patients and their families to create a custom-tailored plan that meets their needs.
Hospice of Michigan pays special attention to enhancing quality of life by making our patients as comfortable as possible. We aim to relieve physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. This is what we call “comfort care.” This care is directed by the patient and managed by a team of certified hospice professionals that include:

  • Your physician: The patient’s physician remains involved and plays a crucial role in developing a personalized plan of care. 
  • A hospice physician: A Hospice of Michigan physician consults with the patient’s physician to ensure eligibility and that all medical needs are being met. 
  • Nurses: A Hospice of Michigan nurse provides day-to-day care—assessing the physical condition and comfort of the patient, and helps manage symptoms and pain. 
  • Home health aides: Hospice aids provide important hands-on care for the patient and family. They work closely with the nurse to ensure care is being provided as planned.
  • Social workers: A Hospice of Michigan social worker assesses patient and family emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs and provides needed resources for the family.
  • Spiritual counselors: Our Spiritual Care counselors provide support for patients and their families as physical, emotional and spiritual needs arise. This means working through questions that often come up during and after a loss, such as “Why me?”, “Why must my loved one suffer?” and “What can I leave behind as a testament to my life?” We have great respect for the wide range of religious backgrounds and cultural traditions of those we serve and make a point of working closely with clergy to assure the spiritual needs of our patients are met.
  • Bereavement counselors: Our bereavement counselors work with families throughout care to better understand and manage the grieving process. Grief support is available for family members, friends and others experiencing a loss for up to 13-months following a patient’s death.
  • Trained volunteers: Hospice of Michigan volunteers give their time generously to provide quality of life support for our patients and their loved ones.

When our patients and families get the comfort and care they need, as well as the support they deserve, they often find that life takes on new meaning. They are able to live a more fulfilled life in peace, comfort and dignity.